Mistress likes to find new ways to humiliate me.  This morning it was to compare me to something small.  She is looking for other things to compare me to.  Any ideas?  Feel free to Like, Reblog, and Comment.

For those curious about the chastity device, the Black Leather Strap is not part of it.  It is just that I am so small, Mistress makes me wear it too.  The Black Leather Strap has 9 nails in it that press against my cock / balls to keep me stimulated / sore 24/7.

Jan., 16, 2014:  Thank you.  looks like I will be locked up for another week.

March 26, 2014:  3 months - http://flrinthebayarea.tumblr.com/post/80849802205/to-mark-the-3-month-point-in-my-service-to

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